Artist Statement

My present work encourages and reflects on daily mindfulness practices, through art-making and art objects to aid in anxiety reduction. This work emphasizes present moment focus, appreciation, and reflection. Additionally, my art integrates my passion for conservation of animals and nature. Using clay, an inherently tactile medium, I created several porcelain cups, which will serve as a daily reminder of the feelings of calm and focus experienced during the process. I also create animal sculptures out of recycled materials such as straws. The creation of my work also serves as a personal mindful practice. The repetitive spinning of the clay during the creation of the lanterns, and the cutting and assembling of the straws into figures requires intense focus allows me to stay in the present and focus on my art, while discouraging rumination on the stress of my daily life.


Heather Kostrna is a first year Master of Fine Arts student at Florida International University. She previously attended the University of North Florida, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and Florida State University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Master of Science in Art Education. Since graduating, Heather has been part of several shows most recently including the 311 All Abstract 2021 in Raleigh, NC, Women in Art 2021 in Laguna, CA, Marin Arts Society Artist’s Vision 2021, and was part of the Illuminate Coral Gables 2021 project (You Are Here). With her MFA, Heather plans on teaching art at the college level, with a focus on Ceramics and Digital Media.


Wild Plastics, 2020
Recycled Plastic Straws and Glue

Fox Alternate View

Fox Detail View

Cardinal Alternate View
Cardinal Detail View

Stegosaurus Alternate View
Stegosaurus Detail

Ceramic Cups