Artist Statement

There’s something about emptiness. It can be dark, ominous, and infinite. Sometimes, we may find ourselves drowning in it.

Eyes speak the secrets of our soul. It’s like looking into a crystal ball of what makes us tick. They show our rawest emotions and our darkest secrets. But what happens when the crystal ball goes blank? What happens when Void looks back at us?

 The nothingness. Our bodies become empty vessels, clinging to the appearance of normality and humanity. There is no longer joy, passion, sadness, or fear. The nothingness takes over and leaves only a shell of what used to be. Empty.

This is a topic I explore often. Figures laying in water like forgotten heroes, their bodies showing physical turmoil and weakness, but their eyes staring back with nothingness. Some of them eat or cover themselves as if tired, others show a glimpse of attitude and finally, I reduce them to the white eye itself.


Elizabeth Amelia Pino was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, and immigrated to the United States in 2012.

She earned an Associates in Arts from Miami Dade Honors College and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a Minor in Art History from Florida International University.

She was also involved with exhibitions and collaborations like “Untitled” in Miami Beach with the trash wall in memory of Gordon Matta-Clark back in 2017. She has also been a part of other collaboration mediums like video art where she exhibited the art video named: “Collision”, which showed the clashing of two cultures competing to take over one another and leaving the vessel empty, or unsure of his or her identity. Her last three exhibitions were at Florida International University with her 20 watercolor pieces titled “The World of Theo”, exploring the world of feelings and the transition of acceptance through them.

Elizabeth also exhibited at the MBAS where she revealed “The tales of The Stag and the Five- Mouthed Wolf”, which told the story of fear, protection, and hope for the inner self, based on the fable of the two wolves. Most recently, Elizabeth Pino collaborated with the landscape painting in the Academy of Arts at Florida International University where she presented two pieces and one of them was sold to the President of the University in 2019.

Elizabeth Pino collaborated with Pintô International as Curator assistance in the Untitled fair where she experienced a glimpse of the art market environment. She is currently completing her MFA at Florida International University.


They Lay Still, 2020-2021
60×48 inches
Oil on canvas, white plaster and copper foil

No Close Enough, 2020
16×24 inches
Oil on canvas

Vessel, 2020
14×11 inches
Oil on Canvas

Challenger, 2020-2021
14×11 inches
Oil on canvas

Hidden I, 2020
10×8 inches
Oil on canvas

Hidden II, 2020- 2021
10×8 inches
Oil on canvas

The Nothingness, 2021
8×10 inches
Oil on canvas

Screech, 2021
10×8 inches
Oil on canvas

Missing, 2020
10X8 inches
Oil on canvas